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Princess Collection

The Stunning world of King Koil® is filled with luxury and beauty. Designed with meticulous craftmanship and astonishing materials, each mattress display beautifully design and provides superior and support as you sleep. Embrace the majestic magnificence with the premium Talalay® Embrace  mattresses of King Koil® Prince Collection and experience the elegance of royalty



Indulge in Talalay® Embrace®, the whole definition of elegance and comfort. Made exclusively for the Princess Collection, the layers are the essentials in delivering superior sleeping experience.

Crafted as the most natural  latex in its class, Talalay® Embrace® is less body temperature sensitive, giving it the capability to prevent energy absorption, which as a result, allowing for easy turning as you lay on the mattress. With open-cell structures and anti-allergenic materials, Talalay® Embrace® evaporates moisture and keeps your mattress hygienic and comfortable throughout the night, while preventing the growth of dust mites and other micro-organisms. Talalay® Embrace® will create a better and more comfortable place for you to sleep on.


We have designed the revolutionary 7-Zone Pocket Spring technology and equipped it in our spring mattress to provide the ultimate body support. Now King Koil® introduces the same outstanding 7-Zone System for Talalay® Embrace® mattress, the very best zonal system to fully support your body.


Consisting of 7 zonal areas to fluently follow your body line, this system provides thorough support from head to toe, presenting you balanced support for each specific body weight and shape.


The Princess Collection mattresses are supported with the most breathable, supportive and comfortable material in the world, the VITA TALALAY® LATEX CORE.

Adapting fully to your body contour, the open round cell structure creates superior spot elasticity. This provides optimal cushioning that relieves the body’s pressure points and prevents any discomfort to the body.

The unique open cell structure gives fluent airflow within the mattress. It directs moisture and heat optimally from the body, helping you to sleep better, healthier and more hygienically.




The luxurious fabric of Luxurious Premium Velour coats the surface of the King Koil® mattresses. With the ability to quickly drain fluid, the anti-bacterial Luxurious Premium Velour keeps your mattress clean, dry and hygienic. Completely made of natural materials, Luxurious Premium Velour makes a delightful layer to enhance the comfort of your mattress.