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King Koil® has been perfecting the art of mattress making for more than a century. By combining true craftsmanship, high quality materials and innovation in technology, King Koil® vision has been always will be the commitment to present you with the uncompromised sleeping experience.

Presenting the Noble Class® collection, an exclusive collection of latex mattress that will indulge your every sense. Designed with passion to provide astonishing support and extraordinary comfort, the King Koil® Noble Class® Collection will grant you the unforgettable sleep, night after night.


The best selected materials have been applied to the Noble Class® Collection to present you with delicate and astounding support. Classy and remarkable, these sopshisticated materials will elevate your sleeping experience to a whole new level of indulgence.

King Koil® 7-Zone Talalay® Embrace®

The pampering 7-Zone areas in Talalay®  create more responsive comfort and support with perfect balance. With open cell structure and hypo-allergenic materials, Talalay®  Embrace®  has the capability to evaporate nearly all moisture and keep your mattress hygienic and comfortable all night long, inhibiting the growth of dust mites and other micro-organism and therefore keeps the mattress hygienic and odor free, creating a better and healthier environment to rest and sleep.


King Koil® 7-Zone Latex

The King Koil®  7-Zone Latex provides 7 zonal support area based on firm medium, and softer zones, giving the proper support for each specific weight and body shape. Fluently follows your body line, this system provides thorough support from head to toe, presenting you adequate support for each specific body weight and shape.


Pressure Relief Memory Foam

This unique material has the ability to return to its original shape after enduring the body pressure, making this feature durable and long lasting. The memory foam is also a temperature-sensitive material, that will contour to each individual distinguish body shape.


Premium Comfort Knit

The King Koil® Premium Comfort Knit is exclusively crafted with beautiful center piece design, an exclusice fabric that carefully made and cut meticulously to perfection. Upholstered with natural materials, the knit also provides a soft sleeping surface. It also regulates your body temperature and moisture, creating more adaptable mattress surface, giving you the pampering sleep experience night after night.

7-Zone Latex System

Introducing 7-Zone Latex System, the most advanced support system in its class. Exclusive crafted for latex mattress,it is the very best zonal system latex layers that genuinely support your body parts adequately, relieving pressure points.

Consisting of 7 zonal areas to thoroughly follow your body contour, providing a balanced support for each specific body weight and shape, from head to toe.