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The Beginning of King Koil

More than a century, King Koil has been perfecting the art of mattress creation for healthy and re-energizing sleep that provide optimum support and ultimate comfort. Through rigorous and continues improvement, we are setting ourselves as the world’s standard of healthy and comfortable sleep.

King Koil history begins in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota USA, in 1898 by Samuel Bronstein. Initially, Samuel Bronstein started his business with only assisted by six workers who worked in a small warehouse in the western city of St. Paul. Today, King Koil is a manufacturer of mattresses with the world's largest international network.


  •     1898 - Founder Samuel Bronstein opens mattress factory in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  •     1920 - Awarded first patent for non-stretchable mattress and introduces coil springs in mattresses.
  •     1930 – The Koil Man is introduced as the new logo for King Koil.
  •     1940 – The foundation for chiropractor education and research, names King Koil the Best Selling chiropractor endorsed sleep system to promote healthy spinal alignment.
  •     1960 – King Koil expand to Chicago, IL.
  •     1970 – King Koil goes global by signing licensee agreement in Tokyo, Japan.
  •     1980 – King Koil global presence expands into Australia, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia
  •     1996 – King Koil arrived in Indonesia, serving healthy sleep to cater the Indonesian market.
  •     1997 – Opening the firsts King Koil premium boutique in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  •     2000 – Entering China, the biggest market in Asia
  •     2001 – Creating premium to of bedding segment, to provide various sleeping essentials
  •     2003 – King Koil Asia enters the hotel project market.
  •     2016 – Introducing the Signature Gold Series, equipped with Gold Series Coil and 7-Zone Honeycomb Coil System.
  •     2018 – Celebrating the 120 years anniversary, King Koil has and always been committed to perfecting the art and science of healthy sleep and ultimate comfort
  •     2022 – Introducing the most advanced technology in coil with Auto Response Gold Coil and Auto-Zoning Body System as Redefining Science of Luxury through Signature Collection
  •     2024 – Celebrating 125th Years Anniversary, Crafting the Legacy as Master of Craftsmanship with King Koil 125th Limited Edition Mattress in perfecting art piece of complete sleep system of unrivaled luxury and comfort

King Koil Indonesia

King Koil arrived in Indonesia in 1996. Since then King Koil has become a pioneer manufacturer and supplier of high-quality bedding in Indonesia. King Koil’s focus on the pursuit of perfection to deliver the most comfortable and uncompromised sleeping experience. King Koil main commitment is to offer quality and excellent service - always giving the best for our customer’s -  in order to nurture a long and good relationship.

King Koil Indonesia produced various types of bedding with close supervision from King Koil International USA, and the International Chiropractic Association (ICA). Both organizations are known around the world with the concept of "Straight-Line Spine Support" With ongoing research and development program by King Koil and International Chiropractors Association, King Koil Indonesia ensures that all the products have proven beneficial to the health and comfort of your spine.

Now, King Koil Indonesia could be found at:

  •     Boutiques Sleep & Co in Shopping Center across Indonesia,
  •     Counter located in the Department Store of Indonesia,
  •     AGM (American Mattress Giant) spread in major cities of Indonesia,
  •     Furniture store as an Authorized Dealer.