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Pillows to Deal With Sleep Pattern Changes During Ramadan

Pillows to Deal With Sleep Pattern Changes During Ramadan

Devout Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan have long cited the nocturnal slant of this time of year as one of its most challenging obstacles to a healthy life, along with the lack of food and drink during the daytime. Dominated by a fast where you have to refrain from drinking and eating from dawn to dusk, mealtimes are limited to iftar, an evening supper after fastbreaking, and the sahur pre-dawn meal during Ramadan. You also have to fill their days with rituals particular to this month, namely the tarawih evening communal prayer as well as intensified charity and study of the al-Qur’an.

Dealing with changing sleep patterns during Ramadan

But the need to juggle fasting with your daytime job, as well as balancing nutritional needs with rituals in the evening, often overlooks the extra effort required to get quality shuteye and a healthy life.

“It’s as important as ever to maintain sleep [during Ramadan],” said “Fasting during this time is one of the five pillars of Islam and is indicative of deep devotion - but it also requires strategic focus in order to stay rested.”

The sleep website added that eating during the 6 hour time window at night can be a challenge. However, they found that this is not impossible. “If you prioritize good sleeping habits as much as your diet, you can reach a healthy balance that can make this time of intense self-control a little bit easier. There is evidence that people who sleep better tend to eat and snack less during the day, so a good night’s sleep may help you control your cravings when fasting.”

Gulf News also acknowledged the drastic changes to sleeping patterns during Ramadan. “Studies have shown that people who are fasting sleep for around an hour and a half less than usual. The quality of sleep can also suffer as it is spread out into smaller chunks over a 24-hour period,” said the media outlet in its website “Doctors have therefore advised residents [observing Ramadan] to set up a workable sleep schedule during the month, and to ensure they get at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.”

On its part, suggested naps to meet the need for sleep and a healthy life. “There is also an Islamic concept of midday napping called qailulah, which, according to neuroscientific research, can help improve memory and enhance alertness, wakefulness and performance, as well as assist with recovering certain qualities of lost sleep at night.”

The website added that qailulah was based on one of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) sayings which went “if anyone of you feels drowsy while praying, he should sleep till he understands what he is saying (reciting).”

Finding the right pillow to adjust with Ramadan sleeping patterns

The right pillow has always made the difference between a good night’s sleep or a sleepless night. This is even more the case during Ramadan, where slumber is either a series of naps during the day or an uninterrupted 4-hour block of sleep, instead of up to 8 hours of uninterrupted shuteye you normally get at other times of the year.

“Pillows can not only impact the quality of our sleep, but also how healthfully we rest and recharge. But the wrong pillow may worsen headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm numbness, discomfort, sneezing and wheezing,” said the website.

“A bad pillow won’t be the cause of any of these problems, but using the incorrect pillow can certainly exacerbate many of the underlying problems linked to these symptoms, and it certainly can keep you from getting a good night’s rest.”

Aside from comfort, pillows are noted for their variety and versatility, a characteristic that tailors them to various sleeping positions. These include medium height or medium loft pillows for back sleepers.

“A medium [loft] pillow is going to help you relieve pressure in your neck and shoulders by providing…a buffer between you and your mattress,” noted King Koil. They added that the medium firm texture of the pillow keeps it from getting flat, and ensures that it conforms to pressure from your head. suggested a thin and soft pillow for stomach sleepers. “A [thin and soft] pillow under your stomach and pelvis may prevent back pain,” said the website. “The pillow should support the natural C curve of your spine.” also recommended that side sleepers use thick and firm pillows to “keep a neutral spine and healthy posture, side sleepers [also] need a pillow with a high loft, and firmer support.” They suggested that the pillow be made of down, fluffy materials or kapok. Other pillows to consider include specialist pillows like wedge pillows, which Harvard Medical School recommended for their ability to treat heartburn symptoms, sinus problems and other health issues, as well as accommodate CPAP masks to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).


Pillows can make a difference in your sleeping experience. Just as a high quality pillow helps you get the quality sleep to re-energize and rejuvenate you, their lower quality counterparts can bring about a fitful slumber that leaves you sore with back, neck and shoulder pains among other ailments.

You would feel the need for quality pillows to ensure a good night’s sleep, if you are among the Muslims who observe the fast and other rituals during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. King Koil has you covered with a range of pillows. They include the Nano Fiber pillow, whose soft fiber and silicon filling make it ideal for back sleepers.

The King Koil Supreme Plush Pillow is a luxurious adaptive pillow that continuously adaptive to weight of head and sleep position with smooth comfort night after night endlessly.

Last but not least, the Signature Goose’s thin soft size make it compatible for stomach sleepers. The pillow’s contours also support your neck’s natural curves.

Head out to your nearest King Koil outlet to buy your pillow of choice, or purchase them online on our website

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