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Introducing The Perfection of Reflex Adjustable Support Bed from King Koil®. It is designed to provide the finest and perfection for reading, working, watching TV and any lifestyle of pre-sleep relaxation. Inspired by the effortless floating position, the iconic Zero Gravity comfort position comes with numerous essential health benefits.

The King Koil® Reflex Adjustable Bed provides a versatile adjustable bed system, and multiple comfort positions at your fingertip. Equipped with 2 comprehensive and excellent joint upper and lower body, enhances the ability of your relaxation for your lifestyle activities with comfortable day and restful night.

As it is equipped with 2 comfort points, King Koil Reflex enhances enjoyment of relaxation comfort, improved sleep, and long term back care; and that good sleep is essential to long term health investment.

Beyond Relax, Extraordinary Sleep to improve the quality of your life.

King Koil® Adjustable Collection, The New Way Of Sleeping