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Introducing Ergo-Pedic™, the revolutionary adjustable bed system from King Koil® . It is designed to let you and your partner share each personal space while still sleeping together. You are now capable of doing many personal activities on your bed without distrurbing your partner next to you. By giving you the freedom to tilt your own side of bed where your partner is still in his or her favorite bed posistion. The King Koil®  Ergo Pedic™ Sleep System lets you create your own personal haven, without sacrificing his or hers.




The King Koil® Ergo-Pedic™ adjustable bed system, enables your to sleep in a healthier way. Introduction the Ergo-Pedic™ Bed Tilt Position, an exclusive feature that allows you to incline your body on the head side. By elevating the mattress to 6-degree angle, it will help to open the airways duct from the nose and mouth to your lung, preventing the airways blockage during obstructive sleep apnea. The elevated mattress also lets the gravity keeping your body acid down, preventing it from seeping up to your gullet, or known as the acid reflux. Laying in this position also lets your body to get adequate oxygen, reducing the "snore" as you sleep.

Enter the Zero Gravity Preset Position, a position where your heart and your knee is horizontally in one straight line, accelerating blood circulation and relieving pressure on your spine. The Zero Gravity also expandsyour lung capacity, while decreasing stress on the heart and reducing your body muscle tension, quaranteeing nights of undisturbed and comfortable sleep.




The Ergo-Pedic™ adjustable bed system allows you to create a position at the head and foot of the mattress as you never imagine before. With a few touch of buttons on the remote control, it enables you to tilt Ergo-Pedic™ to "Sofa Position", an almost 90 degree angle position that imitates a the shape of a sofa or couch. You can now watch TV comfortably at the comfort of your own bed, as you "sit" and relax on the Ergo-Pedic™ Sofa Position.

Have you breakfast and read newspaper in the morning, or simply read your emails and play with your gadgets, while sitting and relaxing on the top of your mattress. The Ergo-Perdic™ adjustable bed system is the perfect companion for your activities and lifestyle. Have your breakfast and your newspaper in the mornig, or simple read your emails and play your gadgets, while sitting and relaxing on the top of your mattress. The Ergo-Pedic™ adjustable bed system is the perfect companion for your activities and lifestyle.




Rest in a whole new kind of comfort with Ergo-Pedic™ . The head and foot massage system equipped in it will give you some moment to relax after daily activities. The massaging system can be turn on in every position, giving you the freedom to adjust at the best resting position, while being massage from head to toe and just head or toe. You can easily adjust the intensity of the massage by 3 levels, keeping you relaxed even during the most tiring days.



 ERGO-PEDIC™ features




The Ergo-Pedic™ Bed and Sleep System is not called dynamically adjustable for nothing. Equipped with a handy remote control to switch any kinds of position and turns on all the features, the Ergo-Pedic™ is truly and easily adjustable. The backlight on the remote helps you to press the buttons in the dark, so not only it is adjustable, but it also gives you the flexibility in reaching the ultimate comfort of your sleep.



Smooth & Silent SystemLow Standy PowerEasy Sync Pairing System






Ergo-Pedic™ Mattress is spring mattress designed specifically for the Ergo-Pedic™ Bed Frame. The King Koil®  Ergo-Pedic™ Mattress is mattress that is designed exclusively with three section that will follow the movement of the Ergo-Pedic™ Adjustable Bed System. Equipped with Talalay®  latex layer.


Made from thermal treated German steels, this coil is more durable, better corrosion protection and long lasting against metal fatigue.



It responds natural to your body shape, providing proper alignment and ultimate comfort.


Ergo-Pedic™ Adjustable Bed Frame allows you to adjust the mattress position as defined. With a few buttons on the remote control, you can now perform a variety of activities such as watching television on top of your mattress. The massage system equipped in the mattress also gives you some space to relax after daily activities.

Ergo-Pedic™ Bed Set will give a beautiful touch to your mattress. With the Divan designed specifically to withstand the weight of the mattress and headboard, the King Koil® Ergo-Pedic™ Adjustable Bed System will be the right choice for you who do a lot of activities on the mattress.

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